Game Rules and Modifications:

We will be using several variant rules for this game. From [Pathfinder Unchained] the rules for “background skills” as well as a modified version of “automatic bonus progression”. This game will also be making heavy use of game additions from [Ultimate Campaign]. Specifically the rules for “downtime”, “mass warfare”, ’exploration", and “kingdom building”.

Written well developed character backgrounds will grant an additional skill point per level.

Players need to choose one of the six campaign traits listed in the Wrath of the Righteous (WotR) player’s guide. These do not take one of the player’s traits and give no initial bonus. They also are no longer linked to a specific Mythic Path. Simply choose whichever story tie-in sounds the most appealing to you as a player.

Teleport spells aside from dimension door no longer exist. They will instead be tied to rituals, gates, or portals. This specifically effects demons which serve as one of the most common enemy types. Mythic Demons will instead have d-door as an at will spell-like ability. Inside the abyss demons will still be able to greater teleport at will.

Wrath of the RIghteous

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